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Pfc Oscar Sanchez
Modesto Chapter

AGIF is proud of their community involvement in local events, but mostly for providing the Honor Guard service for Veterans.

About Us


Our chapter leadership

Commander   Steve Fimbrez

1st Vice           Freddy Morales

2nd Vice          Jesse Valderaz

3rd Vice          Mike Lenahan

Treasurer        Jo Lynn Bush

Secretary        Sophia  Valderaz

Chaplain         Lupe Morales

Sgt-at-Arms    Mike Garcia   


Our history

The Americn GI Forum was Congressionally Chartered in 1948. We are here because of Felix Z. Longoria. After being killed at war in 1945, his body was not returned to his family until 1949. Upon receiving the body, his family attempted to bury him at the local funeral home, but they were denied wake services since Felix was an American of Mexican descent. The G.I. Forum fought against the injustice and Longoria was eventually buried in Arlington National Cemetery near Washington D.C.


Our mission

Our motto is "Education is our Freedom and Freedom Should be Everybody's Business." We are dedicated to assisting our Veterans and the children of Veterans to continue their education beyond high school. Ask us how you can assist us in meeting our goal to award scholarships.


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Education is our Freedom and Freedom Should be Everybody's Business.

American GI Forum - Veterans Group

1220 I Street - Modesto, CA 95354



Monthly meetings 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm. 

Stanislaus Veterans Center located at 3500 Coffee Rd., Modesto, CA 95355. 

Contact us to confirm meeting date and time.